Sunshine on a rainy day_1

The flowers, the napkins, the colours! You name it, we love it on this charming, bright tablespace. Your guests will never see a happier Easter, and inevitably feel spoilt when you treat them on this joyful occasion with our Sunshine Yellow tablecloth.

If Easter isn’t your thing (or it’s the wrong time of year), remove the bunnies and chocolate treats, and Sunshine can be a guest at any special event.

We chose orange, yellow and pink as our boldest colours for this design, and love the subtlety caused by the patterned blue plates and napkins. Finding the balance between cluttered and simple can make such a difference to the overall feel of your tablespace.

The unique boldness that comes through with the giant cluster of tulips, causes them to become the main feature of the piece. There is a beautiful symmetry in the round dinner plates, tea plates and bowls, offset by the textured linen napkin triangle. We stuck on bright theme with the colours of the Tulips, choosing to not hold back in volume, and embracing the mismatched nature of the Orange vs Pink combo.

Sunshine on a rainy day_2

For our Easter tablespace, we loved finding our little bronze bunny, and adding pops of pink with IKEA’s champagne glasses and water jug. Adding the vintage patterned plates and napkins was a game changer, tying the entire space together perfectly. We feel like these plates were made for Sunshine Yellow!

If you have a light shaded pattern on your plates, you too can easily enjoy the simple elegance that comes with this feature. Add some brightly coloured Easter eggs in your sweetest glass jar, and your Easter treat is all set.

Sunshine Yellow would love:

  • Any kind of flower, ever. There aren’t many flowers that we can think of that would clash with Sunshine’s positive disposition. Choose your all-time favourite, pick a few types on your morning walk, create a mismatched bouquet, nothing is too feminine, fancy or free for Sunshine!
  • Blue! We have stumbled across this accidental pairing in another one of our tablespaces, and we just love it! It is subtle in our featured Easter setting, but you can absolutely afford to go bold with Sunshine.
  • Events! Sunshine has found her way into many of our events. She is more than suitable for a range of baby shower themes, summertime engagement parties, brunch or afternoon tea, high tea or weddings! Sunshine is a bold addition to your linen press that you won’t regret.
Sunshine on a rainy day_3

    We can’t wait to see how you fancy up or simplify your new bright yellow babe! Be encouraged to avoid putting her in a box for one occasion or specific event. Let her bright and happy disposition inspire you, and she’ll soon become a part of your regular linen rotation!