A halloween table scape_1

Spook and enthral your guests with this wonderfully dark tablespace, using our Classic Black Tablecloth. We love outdoor dining, and an Australian Halloween by the full moon provides the perfect backdrop for this moody setting.

Why not place your setting near the boldest tree you can find, add some candlelight, a crackling fire, and some sweet spooky tunes.

After the mood is set, all that’s left to do is let the darkness inspire you. Our Classic Black provides the perfect landscape for some stunning colour and spooky prop opportunities.

We Love:

  • Burnt orange, grey, forest green, pale blue and white. These charming colours will develop such a classy arrangement while subtly adding a fancy Halloween flair. In our image, we’ve used the neutral tone of the pale blue napkins, and added a pop of colour with the bowl of Oranges. If you wanted even more of a more Halloween-y feel, your Orange could be carved pumpkins, and your Grey could be little plastic skulls (See: Spotlight)
  • If a roast dinner is your thing (lucky, your guests!), a centrepiece flowing with Thyme and Rosemary, with thistles and Australian natives, will provide a beautiful fragrance and imagery alike. We’ve added a large carved wood centrepiece to add another neutral Earthy tone, but some twigs or pot-pourri would do just fine!

A halloween table scape_2

  • Props! Search your Grandmas house for an old coffee pot, some lace and vintage wine bottles, pull the shiny crockery and long candle sticks from the back of your cupboard. We had great fun melting candles, and vintage wine bottles form the perfect quirky candelabra. Get your lace a little dirty or burnt (ask Grandma first!) and drape that baby over your centrepiece for an OH&S friendly spider web effect. What fun!
  • Halloween is the perfect time to take advantage of those random chairs sitting in your garage. The more unique the better! Let your chairs add some intrigue and colour to your event. We love the excuse to go a little wild and mischievous, even putting those broken plates to good use by adding them under some candles or filling them with beautiful herbs and flowers
A halloween table scape_3

Let our Classic Black do the talking. You will treat your guests to a Halloween like no other, and trick them into thinking you’re a seasoned table scape pro! If you walk on the bright side, our Tiger Orange is a sweet alternative, paired with black and greys in your centrepiece.

We would err on the side of caution with white paired with orange, but lace and deeper/off whites would add the perfect neutral tone.

Trick or treat, we don’t mind! We just want to see what you’ve done! Spoil us with a tag or a post (@tablekingdom) showing us your sweet table scaping skills.

A halloween table scape_4

A halloween table scape_5