If your table doesn’t agree with its cloth, we offer a handy dandy 30-day returns policy.

We understand sometimes shopping doesn't work out perfectly everytime,
so we've detailed our returns policy below to make things quick and easy.

Return Procedure and Policy

Please read the below sections for details on our Returns Policy and Procedure.

Click each heading below to show the detailed policy information.

Refunds only (no exchanges or store credits)
  • We only provide refunds rather than exchange, due to complexities in the system of swapping items, price differences between sizes/colours, and stock availability.
  • We do not provide exchanges or store credits. We only provide refunds (less 5% restocking fee) for accepted return items.
  • Please place a new website order for any new items you require. You may choose to do this before you return your item(s), or after.
How to Return Your Item
  • If your cloth is still in its original condition, and has not been used, we can accept your item for return.
  • Please email us at with the following details:
    1. Your order number,
    2. The product details and quantity; and,
    3. Reason for return.
  • We will then reply with:
    1. Our shipping address for the return to be sent to,
    2. Return instructions (e.g., how to package your return),
    3. Return request number for you to include inside your parcel (handwritten on paper is okay, we will just use this to match up with your return in the system); and,
    4. Return form for you to print and include in your parcel (if possible).
Return Timeframe
  • We are unable to provide exchanges or refunds for order items that were purchased more than 30 days prior to return request.
  • We require your return to be lodged in the post, and tracking information sent to us via email, within 15 business days of today please.
Return Processing Fee
  • For all returns a 5% Restocking Fee will be deducted from your item refund amount.
  • This is to cover the staff time required for:
    - quality control and warehousing of your return item(s); and,
    - administration of your return request and processing your refund.
Shipping Costs
  • We are unable to refund your shipping costs or cover return shipping costs for the following return reasons:
    - change of mind,
    - incorrect size or shape choice,
    - shade, style or pattern not matching your décor or tableware; and,
    - shade being not quite what was expected.
  • We encourage our customers to choose their size and products carefully, to reduce the need for returning items an incurring return shipping and return processing fee costs.
  • We are unable to absorb return shipping costs.
  • As a small family business, we operate on small profit margins and endeavour to provide:
    - a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices,
    - helpful service,
    - sale items,
    - free shipping offers; and,
    - email subscriber discounts.
Shade Variance and Dimension Tolerance
  • Please note that variances in shade and variances in dimensions (that are within the stated tolerance amount) do not qualify as a manufacturing defect.
  • We advise customers to expect shade variances and of dimension tolerance amounts on our product pages.

About shade variance:

  • Every screen renders the photos of our tablecloths differently.
    Fabric colour shades vary slightly between production dye batches.
  • If you would like to check the fabric colour before you place your order, please request a free fabric swatch via email. Please request your preferred colour and provide us with your mailing address for your tracked envelope.
  • The small fabric pieces provided as samples are of the colour requested, however the shade may be slightly different to any products ordered, due to the shade varying slightly within each production dye batch.

    About dimension tolerance
  • Please allow a measurement tolerance of:
    +/ - 1-4cm for tablecloths, table overlays and table runners
    +/- 1-2cm for table napkins, placemats and centrepiece mats
  • This is standard in table wares manufacturing.
  • Dimension tolerance is required due to slight movements and/or varying thread tension during production process when items are measured, cut, sewn.
Event Cancellations or Late Delivery
  • We understand unforeseen events can result in changing plans and cancelled events.
  • There may be times when Australia Post experiences unexpected delays and your order may not arrive on time for your event.
  • We understand this may mean you do not require the items you ordered, however, due to the high volume of customers ordering our tablecloths for events we are unable to make exceptions to our returns policy for these occurrences.
  • A restocking fee and our return timeframes will still apply for these orders.
Packaging Your Return
  • It is preferred if your item is return in the original packaging.
    However, we will still accept your item without the original packaging as long as it is has not been used, marked, washed, stained, or dirtied.
  • Please use a clean plastic bag to enclose your tablecloth to protect it from wet weather in the post.
  • We are unable to refund items which arrive to us damaged.
  • Please include your Return Request Number (once issued by us) inside your return parcel.
Send only unused items/ new items for return
  • We are unable to provide refunds for order items that have been used.
  • It is okay if you have taken the item out of the packet briefly to trial the size, if it has not been used, marked, washed, stained, or dirtied.
  • Please ensure your tablecloth has not been used, and is free of any rips, strong smells, animal hair, food, stains, or alteration.
  • We are unable to accept items for refund that have been used or damaged, as these cannot be resold.
  • Please do not wash your items before you return them, as strong laundry odours cannot be resold to other customers.
    If your item requires washing before return then it is considered used and is not suitable for refund.
  • Return items with animal hair present (e.g., cat hair or dog hair) will be returned to you and are not suitable for refund.
  • Due to allergies we cannot resell items with animal hairs present to our customers.
  • Stained or used items will be returned to you at the return address noted on your parcel and are not suitable for refund.
  • Return items received that are obviously unacceptable for refund will be returned to you, and we may issue an invoice for the cost of posting these items back to you.
  • Our family staff team are fairly reasonable with quality control and processing return items, and we will fairly determine used vs. unused items (irrespective of packaging).
  • However our policy is in place due to having to return items back to customers with:
    - food stuck on,
    - covered in animal hair,
    - with rips in the cloth,
    - alterations,
    - stained with pen,
    - and returned months after purchase.
    As these items cannot be resold.
Sending Your Return
  • Please use Australia Post to return your item, as some couriers won't deliver to a PO Box, or charge an extra fee for delivery to a PO Box.
  • Provide us with the tracking number for the parcel via email as soon as possible. This can be found on the lodgement receipt, or on the parcel bag/satchel, or on a tracking sticker.
  • Please email this to us so that we can promptly collect your parcel from our PO Box, and so that we are aware that you have sent your item back to us.
Processing of Your Return Item(s) and Refund
  • When we receive notice that your item is at our PO Box, we will collect it and process it within 7 business days.
  • When/if the item passes our quality control, we’ll process your refund back to the payment method used for your order.
  • You will receive an email notice of your refund. Please allow 7 business days for the amount noted in the refund email to reach your account.

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