Oh Coral, you are magnifique!

Coral comes with a Spring scented breeze, a jug of Pimm’s, and the ability to make your body temperature comfortable, all year round. She reminds us of cake, breakfast at dawn, laughing with friends, and smooth, creamy coffee. That is why we have included two of our favourite tablespaces in this article!

We love versatility, and we love seeing you get the most out of your new cloth! Coral certainly doesn’t disappoint. In these two scapes alone, we have the sweetest Bridal Shower ever (in more ways than one!), and a comforting, rustic, charming breakfast setting that we would be happily obliged to wake up for.

Springtime with Coral_1

Things we love about Coral:

  • Coral is another cloth in our collection that is essentially a blank slate, waiting for your amazing spin. The colour matching choices are exciting and vast
  • Coral is ageless, and her event options are endless! Wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, engagement party, luncheon, brunch, high tea or a laid-back dinner, Coral doesn’t mind! She will accept her invite with glee and try not to blush
  • Coral will find her place in the linen cupboard, whether it exists solely for your daughters 10th birthday, if it’s your first linen cupboard ever (congratulations!), or your linen cupboard is 50 years old (can we come see?!)
Springtime with Coral_2

    These two tablespaces were so simple to create. Our Bride loves lollies and balloons, and we love breakfast by the sunlight of an open window. The inspiration came instantly! We love the quirkiness that comes from using different colours, patterns and sizes in your crockery, and we just used some fabulous bowls that we already had in our cupboard, purchased from Kmart.

    The stunning silver teapot was previously bequeathed to us, but you can use literally any teapot ever! The stranger the better. Add some fresh flowers and fruit, whip out your favourite scones or fruit toast, and your brekky date is all set! We especially love neutral tones and Autumn colours (brown, grey, white, orange), but pops of pink and even red go down a treat.

    You can easily recreate this Bridal charmer. If your Bride, like ours, loves pink, balloons and lollies, feel free to include pops of pink with splashes of silver or gold, and a bold colour like red! We’ve included these colours wherever we could, in the form of musk sticks, cupcakes, pink sprinkles, pink biscuits, and giant lollipops. Red and gold came into play in both our candy jars and balloons, and our bride was tickled pink!

    Springtime with Coral_3

      We would enjoy seeing your wonderful recreations, just as we’re sure you’ll enjoy experiencing them. Connect with us on the social of your choosing (@TableKingdom), and make our day!
      Springtime with Coral_4