We just love Chanterelle Beige. Part of her charm is the incredible versatility that she brings to the table (literally).
This incredibly affordable tablespace was birthed within the shiny isles of Kmart and Ikea, and we simply adore the result.

Endlessly Lovely Chanterelle_1

 Chanterelle is so generous in her colour matching options, but to really make the beige-y goodness pop, we’ve used:

  • A deep blue vase (its huge, its affordable, its versatile!)
  • Gold cutlery (so fancy, you guys)
  • Deep red hues – this is achieved by the floral arrangement and the cute deep red napkins (add a natural feel to the arrangement by including some greenery and white flowers, this will tie in the lighter tones of the crockery and tablecloth)
  • Kmart’s cute unevenly cut ivory plates (so cheap, and you can use them for just about any tablespace!) under their sweet grey tea plates and bowls


Endlessly Lovely Chanterelle_2

The combination of these colours goes so well with Beige, thanks to the slightly off-colour scheme that she inspires. The deep reds are the golden ticket to eye catching on this table, resulting in such a romantic setting, that it could double up as a Valentine’s day dinner for your sweetheart.

The flowers (all from Ikea) are so stunning that pairing them together was easy, and the green fronds bring a natural feel and make them seem real (without that pesky responsibility!)

We have a rule of thumb here at Tablecloth Kingdom to creating a beautifully tied together tablespace on a seemingly plain colour.

Find one bold colour to compliment the base colour of the tablecloth, and match two elements of your décor. Once you’ve found your bold colour, some sweet silver or gold cutlery can bring a fancy flair.

Once you’ve found your bold colour, match it well with a secondary colour and you’ve got the key to the rest of your piece. (For example, red is our bold colour, deep blue is our secondary colour, and the rest was easy to tie in, making it all look effortlessly pretty).

Endlessly Lovely Chanterelle_3


We love beautifying and simplifying Chanterelle, with her endless possibilities.

We hope she inspires your next date night at home, first kiss, or home makeover on a budget.


From our Kingdom to Yours

- Tablecloth Kingdom