Table styling for your party or event is one way to impress your guests, creating an atmosphere that is special and welcoming.

There are a host of elements that make up a stunning table setting, from the tablecloth to the centrepiece, and the napkins to the placemats. Colour schemes, material combinations, and centrepieces all contribute to the overall effect.

Step 1: Colour sets the mood


When dressing your table, selecting a theme for your event can really set the mood for your guests. Think about the palette of colours you want to present. For a holiday themed event, think accents of gold and a bold colour such as red. For a natural look, think about neutral colours such as white, ivory, or brown. For a more romantic look, consider soft and subtle hues such as blush, light purple or beige.

Selecting your tablecloth can set the colour palette for your event theme, creating a base for accessorising your stunning tablescape.

Delight your guests with a stunning table setting we have curated with some of our favourite Tablecloth Kingdom tablescape items, our new Blissful Beige Tablescape Bundle. This tablescape kit features our Chanterelle Beige beauty. We have teamed her up with some luxe neutral and gold accessories to add style to your next event!

We just love Chanterelle Beige. Part of her charm is the incredible versatility that she brings to the table (literally).

Her delicate and calm confidence brings a sophisticated vibe to any space or event. This warm and earthy tone is suitable for any season.

Step 2: Consider a Centrepiece


A party or event is never complete until we add a centrepiece!

A vase with a flower arrangement is a classic option, providing the opportunity to select colours that complement your tablecloth colour and paired accessories. Use interesting textures and colours to wow your guests.

We recommend keeping floral arrangements under 30cm in height, to avoid interfering with guests’ vision or conversing across the table; as they say “the conversation will flow if you keep things low”.

Candles are an essential feature of a table setting and can enhance your centrepiece. Placing candles along the length of the table will create the illusion of length, drawing the eye to the ends of the table. Tea lights in clear holders help to create a cozy atmosphere for your guests.

Our Blissful Beige Tablescape Bundle features a Glossy Grey Beige Glass Vase with an artificial flower arrangement showcasing cream and gold foliage. Glass candle holders and tealight candles are featured in this bundle to create a sophisticated centrepiece.

Step 3: Poised Placemats


Placemats can add a textural and contrasting impact to your styling, this creates a layering effect for your tablescape. Try opting for designs with a rich pattern or bold colour that will work as a border for your place setting.

Our Blissful Beige Tablescape Bundle features our Light Gold Interwoven PVC Round Placemats which create a luxurious background for place settings. These placemats ooze glamour!

Step 4: Pick plates, glassware, and cutlery


White plates will work for all occasions, complementing any colour theme you choose for the table. It’s easy to make it look special for the event with all the other choices you make for the table, and it’s ideal for neutral themed settings. You might also like to consider coloured or patterned plates to create more impact, aiming to repeat the colours in your theme.

While plain silverware is classic, cutlery in shades such as gold, bronze and black can look striking.

Use clear wine and water glasses at each place setting, these sparkling beauties will reflect candlelight creating ambience. Or crystal can be used for texture. You can also consider continuing your chosen colour palette with glassware to create cohesiveness in your colour theme. Your options are limitless!

Step 5: Think napkins


An essential part of each place setting, napkins provide the opportunity for unique styling. For a classic look, you might want to simply fold your napkins into rectangles and lay them on top of your plates with cutlery on top for the most relaxed of tablescapes.

If you want a more awe-inspiring look, fan-folded napkins with a statement napkin ring can be positioned on the plate for a unique look, as featured in our Blissful Beige Tablescape Bundle with our Chanterelle Beige Polyester Table Napkin. See our guide on how to fold fan napkins (with a napkin ring).

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