The fan napkin (with napkin ring) is a versatile but simple option for any host to add elegance their tablescape for any event. This napkin fold design is featured in our Blissful Beige Tablescape Kit using our Chanterelle Beige Polyester Table Napkin. This napkin fold will suit any colour or pattern.


Step 1. Lay napkin flat with the back of napkin facing upwards (you can iron your napkins if you prefer)

Fan-fold Table Napkin - Step 1

Step 2. Fold the bottom edge of the napkin upwards by one inch. Then fold back the napkin one inch, creating a concertina fold.

Fan-fold Table Napkin - Step 2

Step 3. Continue folding the napkin back-and-forth until the entire napkin is complete.

Fan-fold Table Napkin - Step 3

Step 4. Hold the centre of your folded napkin with your finger and fold the napkin in half.

Fan-fold Table Napkin - Step 4

Step 5. Slide a napkin ring over the folded end of the napkin (the napkin ring can be placed at your desired position, the lower the napkin ring is placed the larger the fan will appear).

Fan-fold Table Napkin - Step 5

Step 6. Fan out the top of the napkin, ensuring that any tags are hidden at the back. Then place your napkin on your tablescape plate or placemat. Voilà!

Fan-fold Table Napkin - Step 6

Tip: If you prefer crisp edges on your folds, you can lightly iron each fold line to achieve a sharp look

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