Let Tablecloth Kingdom guide you through your Christmas Table Décor planning. If you need inspiration and an inviting setting for a gathering of your nearest and dearest this Christmas, then we’ve got the looks and tricks to tick this one off your to do list! Make this Christmas even more memorable with a beautiful setting for yummy food and joyful conversations this Holiday season.

Whether it’s green and white on red, or red and white on green, traditional green and red is always in vogue for Christmas! These colours exuberate a festive feel, and let your guests know it’s that time of year for family, fun, and festivities!

Meet our Red, Green, White and Gold Christmas Setting favs! We have put together our favourite picks for a traditional Christmas table.

Fave Pick No. 1: Emerald Wildflower Christmas

Put a spin on traditional Christmas colours by featuring an artistic pattern inspired by the Aussie outback! With a dark Christmas green as the backdrop, your gold accessories and floral napkin and table runner will really pop. This table setting is elegant and festive, just the right amount of glamour and detail. We love it!

The recipe: Emerald Green Tablecloth + Outback Wildflower Floral Table Runner & Napkins + Light Gold Concave Napkin Rings + Light Gold Interwoven Round Placemats

Emerald Wildflower Christmas Bundle

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Emerald Green Polyester Tablecloth

Outback Wildflower Table Runner

Outback Wildflower Table Napkins

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Light Gold Concave Napkin Rings

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Fave Pick No. 2: Rose Red Christmas

You can’t go wrong with Santa Red and White! Start with a Rose Red Tablecloth as your bright base, tone it down with a pure white table runner which is perfect for laying out your feast or decorations, then add a splash of green with Emerald Green Napkins.

White Napkins will also match in with your table runner, and plenty of gold cutlery, gold plates, gold placemats, gold napkin rings and gold bon bons and Christmas ornaments and trees will add the glamour and festive feel you’re looking for. Red ornaments and faux white and red roses, faux red Christmas berries with green leaves will tie in well! We’ve even chosen gold and green metallic bottles and strings of white faux pearls for extra glitz around the table.

This setting will bring the bold festive feel that lets your guests know it’s time to celebrate! With the fine details of the White Embossed Table Runner, and your well planned colour matchings, your buffet table, drinks table, or seated meal table will be all set! The hard part will be keeping your hands off this scrumptious looking setting while you wait for the guests to arrive!

The recipe: Rose Red Tablecloth + White Embossed Floral Table Runner + Emerald Green Napkins + Snow White Napkins + Gold Interlaced Napkin Rings

 Red Christmas Table Setting

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Rose Red Polyester Tablecloth

White Embossed Floral Table Runner

Snow White Polyester Table Napkins

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Fave Pick No. 3: Gum Leaf Green Christmas

If you prefer a more toned-down Christmas setting, you can pair a lighter coloured green with vibrant reds and pure white, for a delightfully elegant celebration. This modern take on Christmas Red and Green will have your guests in awe of the beautiful backdrop you have crafted for the festivities.

Drawing on Australian nature elements, this setting is both peaceful, and breathtaking. An exquisite balance of bright colour and calm green tones, pair these lovely cloths with glamourous gold cutler, napkin rings, placemats, and Christmas tree and baubles. Choose this look to freshen up and complete your table décor task.

The Recipe: Gum Leaf Green Tablecloth + Outback Wildflower Table Runner & Napkins + Gold Interlaced Napkin Rings + Light Gold Interwoven Round Placemats

 Gum Leaf Green Christmas Bundle

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Gum Leaf Green Polyester Tablecloth

Outback Wildflower Table Runner

Outback Wildflower Table Napkins

Gold Interlaced Napkin Rings

Light Gold Interwoven Round Placemats

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When it comes to Christmas hosting and decorating, red, green, white and gold has never been out of fashion. With new shades of green, festive florals, and glamourous gold pairings, there are beautiful ways to make your setting look fresh each year!

Whether you need a few new items to update your Christmas table look, or you need a whole new set to make your table inviting, we are here to help and inspire. Our own Tablecloth Fairies have contributed their individual taste and creativity to bring you inviting new festive settings. There will be something for everyone in our Fave Picks above and in our Christmas Collection.

We encourage you to have fun pairing your Christmas Reds, shades of green, glamourous gold, and pure whites to create your Christmas Table Setting. If you stick with similar shades of red, green and white, and choose either light gold or yellow gold, then your tablescaping will be delightful.

Holiday Table Décor in 6 steps:

1) First pick your base colour (red, white or green)

2) then contrast with Runner and Napkins in a different colour
(if you chose red above for the base, then try green or white for the other linens) 

3) add glitz with metallic gold table accessories
(napkin rings, cutlery and placemats are great in gold, you may even have some gold in your glassware or crockery)
4) tie in a few Christmas decorations that draw from your linen or accessory colours
(such as reindeer, Christmas trees, baubles, flowers in vases, strings of pearls or beads)

5) take a step back and take in the whole look, remove or swap out any items that seem out of place

6) remember to have fun, and that any effort you put in will be appreciated by your guests, then you’re bound to create a holiday masterpiece

We think you deserve a treat and to put your feet up for a moment, job well done!