The right tablecloth, paired with the perfect table setting can make your event memorable and your home décor eye catching. Our Get Inspired page is dedicated to making this easy for everyone, so you will find exactly how we created specific table settings on a range of colours. We hope you will find inspiration to put your new tablecloth to good use, or to introduce a new colour scheme to your collection. The options are endless!

10 Tips To Creating The Perfect Table Setting:

1. Pick a theme

On the great list of things that we love about our tablecloths, the fact that you can multiply their uses across a multitude of themes, reigns supreme. We love the options created by having an array of colours in your linen press, ready for any theme inspiration that may come your way.

Tiger Orange for a springtime brunch, Coral for a Bridal Shower, Rose Red for Valentines, or Sky Blue for a Baby Shower, all work just as well if you choose to swap themes around or wish to up the ante on your home décor.

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2. Choose a base colour for your props

Almost as important as a theme, is getting the prop colours right. A wrong prop colour can throw out your entire colour scheme, but it’s easy to choose the props that will make your tablecloth pop! A vase or selection of candles are always a good starting point; simply choose what looks good and feels right.

Sticking to primary colour pairings is always a good rule of thumb, but don’t be afraid to go bold with your base colour. If nothing in your collection is feeling right, look elsewhere! We’ve made a silver fruit bowl into a vase, and used cake stands to add height to a centrepiece. You’ll be amazed at what you can repurpose around your home, but otherwise, hit up that amazing bits and bobs section at your local op shop, and let the inspiration come!

3. Choose a contrasting colour, find what looks good!

Once you’ve found your base colour, the next step is to find the right hits or pops of contrasting colour to make your tablespace interesting and eye-catching. For example, our stunning Chanterelle Beige table setting, had a base colour of red, and a contrasting colour of blue, which subtly made the entire setting feel deeper and sincerer. After we found these two colours, the rest was easy to tie in, using gold cutlery and Ivory crockery.

4. Decide whether your theme needs pattern, glamour or simplicity

Some themes and props are best left understated and simple, while others long for that sweet balance between over cluttered and just enough. We’ve loved using Grandma’s plates where we can, enjoying the unique quirk that comes with vintage vs modern.

Colours like Rose Red, Chanterelle Beige and Navy Blue, almost always love glitz and glamour, so we’ve loved the use of mirrors, shiny silver platters and gold cutlery, and embraced the excuse to bring out the crystal wine glasses and fine china.

Other table settings, like our Sunshine Yellow, Emerald Green and Coral, embrace the simpler side of things, with one stunning vase, some oversized flowers and stacked bowls or cups, creating a comfy, homey table space.

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5. Make sure you have the right sized tablecloth

This is integral! No one should have to tuck their tablecloth under itself, or trying to stretch it to cover half of your table. Refer to our sizing guide before making your purchase, and your table will never feel oversized, undervalued or left out ever again.

6. Move your table to the ideal location

Nice weather? Why not move outside! Dark and stormy? Move that table to be near the fireplace or onto the balcony. The right setting and background to dine around can make your experience so special, and you’ll set the tone for your theme before you’ve even unpacked that sweet, sweet tablecloth.

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7. Add some sweet treats

No one likes a hungry guest! Placing some sweet treats or savory teasers on your guests’ plates, ready for their arrival, will make the imagery satisfying and the experience tantalising! Why not go the extra mile and create some cute bonbonnieres, by simply wrapping your lollies in cellophane and ribbon, or place your treats into a tiny box tied up with a bow? You’ll be the hottest host in town!

8. Get floral!

The right flowers are all a table setting really needs to make its presence known. Almost all our tablespaces feature stunning flowers of some kind, and we love how they effortlessly tie a space together, adding class just as easily as they add cosy, homely feels. Be picky about your flower choice, and the rest will easily follow. Glass vases never go astray, and will allow you to be a bit bolder with your flower choice, allowing for some extra breathing room around the rest of your prop choices.

9. Add a personal touch

Who are you creating this wonderful table setting for? Make it special! Be encouraged to use your favourite flowers, or feature your guest of honours’ favourite treats. Use their favourite colour, or even feature some vintage wedding photos! Nothing will make them feel more special. Go bold with both your table setting and your sentiment, and we guarantee it’ll pay off!

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10. Get lots of pictures!

And share them with us! We’d love to be inspired by how you fancied up, simplified or personalised your Kingdom piece. Find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest @TableKingdom, and let’s share!