Ivory Embossed Floral Table Runner


She’s the belle of the ball, this sweet Ivory embossed runner! Clothed in a beautiful light reflective floral embossing, we can’t keep our eyes off her!

A versatile and elegant decor addition, she’s a perfectly seamless dinner host, a Wedding reception stunner, and she brings charm to the Christmas table. With her 100% polyester fabric, Ivory Embossed Floral achieves washability, durability, and less tendency to wrinkle than other tablecloth fabrics.

Our Ivory Embossed Floral Table Runner is available in a wide range of sizes, to suit your table no matter its shape or size!

These Table Runner sizes are designed to pair perfectly with our Tablecloth sizes. Match one of our Tablecloth Kingdom 100% polyester coloured tablecloths with the recommended table runner to give your home or event a great look! Using our size guide to choose the right table runner size will give you an appropriate table runner drop on the sides that is slightly shorter than your tablecloth. This will provide the best look for your Kingdom dressed table!

Visit our Size Guide for more information on table runner sizes and to find your table size!

Buy in bulk and save! Select your size and then see our quantities table below for bulk discounts:

Quantity Price
1 -4 $18.00$40.00
5 -9 $16.20$36.00
10 -19 $15.30$34.00
20 -49 $14.40$32.00
50 -99 $13.50$30.00
100 + $12.60$28.00